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Fall 2020 Start Date Announced

In light of the global uncertainty that seems to orbit around the presence of COVID-19, Central Christian College of Kansas (CCCK) would like to assure its community that it remains committed to its mission to provide a Christ-Centered Education for Character.

Online operations have run without interruption since the onset of the pandemic and will continue to do so as the College prepares for the fall of 2020. While the residential campus did move briefly to remote learning at the end of the spring, the College is fully prepared to welcome residential students back to its McPherson campus for the fall semester. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the College has been working with federal, state, and local officials in order to comply with recommendations designed to highlight community health and mitigate the spread of the virus.

Contingent on existing health and safety guidelines, we are preparing to welcome new students to campus as early as August 10, with fall courses set to begin on August 12, 2020 for new students and August 13, 2020 for returning students. Students will receive specific guidance on move-in and orientation by mid-July. Some students, from states or locations that are in a “hot zone”, may need to return to campus earlier for a period of self-quarantine. Fall athletes will receive specific communication from the coaching staff concerning move-in, practices, and fall schedules also by mid-July.

In order to reduce the possibility of exposure and to protect the campus community, the current plan is to end the semester by November 25, 2020, just prior to Thanksgiving Day. Traditional breaks, such as Labor Day and Fall Break, have been modified to diminish the amount of travel to and from campus, which will help in limiting exposure to COVID-19 and other related respiratory viruses that increase in the fall.

The College has also invested into technologies designed to reinforce student-faculty interaction, as well as enhance the learning experience of the entire campus community. Students can expect to receive orientation materials related to these technologies as early as mid-July. In the meantime, College offices are open and ready to assist students in completing registration, financial aid, billing, housing, and other registration requirements. Students should proactively seek to complete registration remotely, which will help enhance the safety and wellbeing of the campus community.

Currently, the College has partnered with the McPherson Center for Health to ensure that it has access to medical staff, testing, and other health-related resources. Additionally, the College is working with the McPherson County Health Department to determine specific measures that might need to be considered as students prepare to return for the fall. The College will provide explicit recommendations as warranted by state and county regulations.

While it is true that the past few months required many to isolate for safety, Central Christian College of Kansas has used that time to innovate for excellence. While the likelihood of stopping the spread of COVID-19 is remote, the campus stands ready to respond with a singular focus on ensuring a clear path toward academic success and the development of the core character qualities that make the Central experience unique. The College’s modified schedule, enhanced focus on wellness, partnership with local health agencies, and investment into flexible technologies serve as powerful evidence of its readiness to safeguard the aspirations of its campus community.


Central Christian College of Kansas is a four-year collegiate institution that strives to offer Christ-centered education for the whole person through four core characteristics: heart, soul, mind, and strength. Its history dates back to 1884, and it is located in the friendly town of McPherson, Kansas. Central is a strategically small college that offers over forty areas of residential study and a thriving online program for non-traditional students. To learn more about Central, go to centralchristian.edu/about. Visit the Foundation of Central Christian College to see what projects and events are coming up.

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