Dear Friends and Family:

Unprecedented, unparalleled, uncommon, unbelievable, and the list of “un’s” could go on and on.

Just last week, we were having discussions about upcoming events, meetings, and initiatives. Now, one week later the halls and classrooms echo with the emptiness of isolation.

For those of you who are not aware, just this week students have left for spring break. Based on the counsel and wisdom of various internal and external stakeholders, public health officials, and Federal guidelines, we have asked students to plan on remaining home through (at least) the end of the month. During this break period, our faculty are preparing to host classes remotely so that students will not have to delay their academic progress.

I am immensely proud of all involved. Our students have responded with all good grace, even in the midst of lots of questions and few answers. In like manner, our faculty and staff have shouldered the enormous burden of ensuring that the mission of CCCK does not falter.

Now, we are turning our attention to you, because we want you to know that you are just as important to us. You are members of our family so we want to be sure that we can pray for you and support you. We encourage you to email Adriane Carr, Alumni Director, or fill out the form below with any prayer requests or information you would like to share with the College so we, as the Central Community, can collectively bring your requests to our Lord through prayer.

In the meantime, as President of this great institution, I would call upon us to remember that while the gloom of this dark specter may seem overwhelming, We rest in the shadow of the Most High (Psalms 91:1). Trusting in His good grace and power. So, as we quarantine ourselves to our homes and practice social distancing, I also challenge you to find shelter in the presence and peace of Christ.

Lenny Favara Signature - Black

Leonard F. Favara Jr., Ph.D. (Rev.)


Alumni Prayer Requests & Updates

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