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Integrated Planning & Governance Manual

A review of archival documents demonstrates that Central Christian College of Kansas celebrates a long and rich heritage of shared governance that has supported the integrity of collaborative decision-making with open and transparent communication and mutual respect. With few exceptions, this reality has served as an essential ethos throughout the Colleges existence and was most recently supported in the 2018 Assurance Argument Report, submitted by the Visiting Team of the Higher Learning Commission, in which the team recognized that the governance system of the College supported a collaborative partnership within the institution.

In December 2020, in response to some growing concerns, the President and the Chief Officers began the process of assessing the governance structure at CCCK. It was found that as a new generation of faculty and staff emerged into leadership,  the absence of a codified (written-down) structure, a former advantage to the historical system of shared governance, now was serving as a detriment to trust and collaboration. As lifers retired, the absence of institutional memory interrupted the assumed reality of shared governance indicative of the familial approach to operations.

In response, and under the leadership of the College President, the campus community was invited to participate in a collaborative process focused on the development of a common reference document (Governance Manual). Using public forums, web meetings, surveys, and discussion venues members of the campus community were invited to provide counsel, wisdom, and input into its development. Feedback and questions were used to revise contents, with new drafts presented as significant modifications were incorporated.

After extensive modifications and the incorporation of input derived from two external readers, the following document has been prepared for final consideration by each of the College’s constituency groups.

As considered appropriate by the College Council, during the 2022 Summer Workshop, each constituency group will have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate means and mechanisms to consider and vote on the motion to ratify.  The vote of each constituency group will be confirmed no later than August 19, unless otherwise noted.  

Integrated Planning & Governance Manual [7/12/2023]


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