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Veterans, Active Military, and Dependents/Survivors

Central Christian College is honored to serve Veterans, National Guard, Active Duty, Reservists, and Families who have served our good nation.  This page is designed to help guide you to the resources you need to discover more about your educational opportunities at CCCK.

Point of Contact

McKenzee Cook
Assistant Registrar,
School Certifying Official
620-241-0723 ext 118 (dial extension as soon as recording starts)

For help with academic accommodations contact the on-campus Student Success Director here.

Military Benefit Options

We accept Kansas National Guard Educational Assistance funds. A percentage of tuition and fees is provided, dependent on the number of eligible students and available funds. Students must be an enlisted member of a Kansas Air/Army National Guard unit. Full-time enrollment not required. Click here for more information.

Tuition Assistance

Central Christian College of Kansas is approved to accept Tuition Assistance from all military branches. Each service has its own requirements. Service-specific information can be found at:

Since each course must be approved by the respective service branch before the start date of that course. Students must work closely with CCCK’s Point of Contact to ensure a smooth process.

Top-Up: Top-Up is a program that allows service members to use the GI Bill® to supplement the tuition and fees not covered by Tuition Assistance. To be eligible, students must be approved for federal TA by a military department and be eligible for GI Bill® (VA) benefits.

How Do I Apply

Once you believe you are ready to apply for Tuition Assistance (TA), you will need to start your TA request prior to the beginning of each semester. Each service has a specific requirement for the number of days prior to the semester that TA requests are due. If this is your first time using TA, your service may also require that you gain approval to use TA and complete training on the TA process and TA requirements.

In general, you will need to do the following to initiate your tuition assistance request and to apply your tuition assistance funds to your Central Christian College tuition bill:

    1. Speak with an Education Services Officer (ESO) to gain approval to use TA.
    2. Complete your TA request online through your service-specific voluntary education portal
    3. Select CCCK as your academic institution (OPE-ID # 001908)
    4. Submit your TA request to your service
      • Your service will notify you when they have approved your request.  If you have not received approval in a timely manner, call your ESO to enquire about the TA request status
    5. Once your service approves your TA, send the approved TA authorization form to CCCK’s Point of Contact.
      1200 S Main St
      McPherson KS 67460

We are a Principles of Excellence school and a participant in the Yellow Ribbon program.

Before starting classes, download a fact sheet for important information and requirements!

Students receiving military benefits may also be eligible for federal, state, and institutional financial aid.  Please contact the Financial Aid office for more information. Highlighted here are options specific to veterans, military personnel, and/or dependents.

Iraq/Afghanistan Service Grant

Students whose parent or guardian died as a result of U.S. Military service in Iraq or Afghanistan after September 11, 2001 may receive increased amounts of Federal Student Aid if the student was less than 24 years old when the parent or guardian died, or was enrolled at Central Christian College of Kansas at the time of the parent or guardian’s death.

There are two provisions for such students depending on the status of the student’s Pell Grant eligibility.

  • Students who are Pell grant eligible, but not the maximum, will be treated as eligible for the maximum Pell grant.
  • Students who are not Pell grant eligible, and meet all other Pell grant eligibility requirements, will be eligible for the Iraq/Afghanistan Service Grant at the maximum Pell Grant rates.

Military Tuition Assistance Grant

Students must be enrolled in the online Criminal Justice bachelor program and must be using only federal military Tuition Assistance (TA) to pay for tuition/fees. This grant is available for courses that are partially funded by TA only (i.e. students receiving other types of aid for a course, such as VA benefits, are not eligible).  This grant is applied on a per-course basis. Students are encouraged to work closely with CCCK’s military Point of Contact to ensure receiving the greatest benefit from the different types of aid available.

The maximum grant is equal to the difference between the current per credit hour rates and the maximum amount allowed for Tuition Assistance.  In no case can the amount paid by TA combined with the amount paid by the grant be more than the total cost of the course.

Impact of Military Duties

Students need to be aware that receiving orders for active duty (including those for short-term training), will significantly disrupt their ability to complete coursework, even if enrolled in only online courses. Although you may expect to have internet access, it is likely that you will spend a majority of the time “in the field” and will be absent from class for extended periods of time and be unable to communicate with the College. If absent for more than 2 weeks, you may be withdrawn from the College and this may impact your academic standing, tuition and fees charges, and/or financial aid.

The College strongly recommends that students placed on active duty withdraw from the College for the duration of their training or deployment. Special withdrawal and readmission policies are in place to allow as little disruption as possible in the student’s program (see below). Students are encouraged to plan ahead. For example, if the military regularly schedules training time in the summer, it is best to not take summer courses. Students wishing to continue enrollment should contact both the Academic Office and the Student Development Office (if attending on-campus).

In all cases, it is vitally important that the student notify CCCK’s military Point of Contact as soon as they receive active duty orders (or immediately after their return if advance notice is not possible). Among other things, we can arrange for you to attend part-time for a certain semester or assist with readmission to your program at the next available course date.

Be Informed


All policies are published and may be viewed in the current catalog. For your convenience, links are provided to the relevant pages (below). Questions may be directed to CCCK’s Point of Contact.

Central Christian College of Kansas, in compliance with the United States Department of Education and the Department of Defense, discloses information to ensure transparency and integrity. Accessing the Consumer Information Page provides access to a number of  College-related links and reports to help you make more informed decisions about your education options.

The percentages of student borrowers and cohort default rates are available in their respective sections of our College Navigator website, and for comparison to the national cohort default rates click here.

To request additional information or request a specific copy of a document or report, please contact our offices at 620-241-0723.


The following tools can be helpful as you are making decisions about pursuing an education. If you have questions about any of the tools below, contact CCCK’s Point of Contact. If you search for our data, remember that our full official name is Central Christian College of Kansas!

  • Financial Aid Shopping Sheet – This is a standardized award letter designed to assist students in comparing costs and financial aid information between schools. This can be provided upon request by contacting the Financial Aid office.
  • TA DECIDE: A web page sponsored by the Department of Defense.
  • Paying for Collegefor understanding how to pay for college.
    • Enter your financial aid award letter into their calculation tool to get helpful tips and understanding of all the confusing jargon (it won’t save your personal data!). The page also provides guides on student loans and banking and links to other helpful resources.
  • College Scorecardfor basic information and an easy-to-use comparison tool for schools or fields of study
    • Find and compare school data such as average cost, graduation rate, financial aid use, and expected average salary.
  • College Navigatorfor detailed statistics and search options
    • More data than College Scorecard, including degree completions by major, athletic team numbers, and on-campus crime statistics. Overwhelmed by the number of colleges? Use one or more of the many search options, such as miles from home, tuition amount, campus setting, or religious affiliation.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at .

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