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Santa Fe Books Donated to Briner Library

Santa Fe Book DonationsMcPherson, Kansas – Briner Library is excited to announce that the Quivira Chapter, Santa Fe Trail Association, recently donated books and pamphlets about the Santa Fe Trail  Central Christian College of Kansas (CCCK) to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail. The Quivira Chapter has also donated children’s, young adult, and adult books to the public libraries in the chapter’s coverage area of McPherson, Rice, and Barton counties in Kansas.

The Santa Fe Trail got its start when Missouri trader William Becknell left Franklin, Missouri in September 1821 with five other men. They headed to Santa Fe with goods in order to trade with Mexico. Mexico had just become independent from Spain and was eager for trade. It took them almost two and a half months to reach Santa Fe and upon Becknell’s return to Missouri, others saw the money that could be made in trade. More traders began using the Santa Fe Trail to trade, eventually leading the Santa Fe Trail to become a two-way international highway of that time – a trail of commerce, used by both Mexican and American traders. The Trail was used for nearly 60 years until the railroad reached Santa Fe.

The donated books and brochures, selected by Linda Colle (President of the Quivira Chapter) and Leo Oliva (historian and well-known authority on the Santa Fe Trail) and valued at $184, are available in the library. The funding for the books donated to Briner Library was made in part by Diane Miller, CCCK adjunct professor of accounting. Funding for the other libraries was provided in part by the McPherson County Community Foundation, Rice County Tourism, and the Great Bend Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Quivira Chapter has many activities planned to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Trail. They encourage library patrons to “Read Across the Santa Fe Trail,” between March 1-5, 2021, and during the remainder of this bicentennial year and beyond.

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