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Government Grants & Loans

Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell program was authorized by the federal government in 1972. This program provides for the payment of awards to students based on financial need.

The application and award process is outlined as follows:

  • A student will complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application is available online at
  • The U.S. Department of Education will provide Central with a payment schedule with which to calculate the student’s award.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

Federal  Supplemental  Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) are available to students with financial need as determined by the Need Analysis System. FSEOG will be awarded to students who have high need and Federal Pell Grant eligibility. These are awarded by Central in $400 increments.

Government Loans

Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan

Under the Federal Stafford Loan Program, a student borrows from the bank, credit union, savings and loan, or other participating lending institution. Students may apply for a loan if they are enrolled or have been accepted for enrollment at least on a half-time basis in an eligible school. A need analysis is required before a student may be considered for this assistance.

The maximum amount that a student may borrow is $3,500 for a freshman, $4,500 for a sophomore, and $5,500 for juniors and seniors. The federal government will pay the interest until the student graduates, leaves school, or drops below half-time and his/her repayments on the loan begin. Repayment of these loans may be extended over a ten-year period. The Central Christian College financial aid office can help determine eligibility.

Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan

For students who do not qualify for the Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan based on need, a new loan was established in 1992 called an Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan. A student can borrow the same amounts as the Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan. With the unsubsidized loan, the student does not get the same interest subsidies as the Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan program.

The student is responsible for the interest. Repayment obligations are the same as the Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan Program. Independent and dependent students whose parents were denied the Federal Parent Loan to Undergraduate Students (FPLUS), are eligible for additional amounts.

Federal Parent Loan

The Federal Parent Loan to Undergraduate Students (FPLUS) is available to parents as a means of helping their son/daughter to attend college. A parent can borrow an amount equivalent to the cost of education less the financial aid received. Repayment begins 30-60 days after the last loan disbursement and may be paid back over ten years.

Kansas State Grants

Federal Pell Grant

Residents of the state of Kansas attending a Kansas private college may be eligible for $1,500 – $3,000 under the Kansas Comprehensive Grant (KCG) program. A FAFSA must be received by the Department of Education by April 1. This grant is then awarded according to financial need. Eligible students must be enrolled full-time (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester) and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Applying for Aid

  1. Accepted to Central Christian College
  2. Complete FAFSA & mark with Central Christian College school code 001908. Need help? Check out this video to assist:
  3. Submit verification or other documents if requested
  4. Return signed award letter
  5. Complete and return Stafford Loan Application & Counseling
  6. Arrange payment plan with Business Office


If Selected for Verification:
Once the financial aid office receives your Institutional Student Information Record (processed FAFSA) we will review the application. The Department of Education selects 30% of all applications for Verification. In this case, Central will request that you submit signed copies of both parent and student tax forms along with a completed “verification worksheet” (provided by Central). This must be completed for you to be eligible for both Federal and State aid.
There may be other documents we need to verify your FAFSA. These documents might include: selective service card, social security card, marriage certificate, verification of citizenship, verification of specific financial data, professional judgment records, or a new signature statement to complete the FAFSA.

Once the verification process is completed, we may need to submit corrections on your application in order to have a valid ISIR. The following are various forms that may be required. The Financial Aid Office will notify you if any of these are needed and can be seen on the student portal.

Awards & Distribution Process

Students who are admitted to Central Christian College and have completed the financial aid process will receive an award letter notice. Disbursement of financial aid awards, which are credited to your account in the business office, occur 30 to 60 days following the first day of class for each semester or 20 days after our office has received a valid ISIR. Please refer to the Central Christian College of Kansas academic catalog.

Enrollment status affects the awards a student is eligible to receive. An enrolled full-time student (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester) may be eligible to receive all Federal Aid, all State Aid, and all Institutional Aid. If you are planning to be enrolled less than full-time, your eligibility in various aid programs may be different. Institutional scholarships or grants are only awarded to students who are enrolled at least 3/4 time. Please refer to our college catalog or contact the financial aid office regarding less than full-time enrollment.

Direct Loans

Regular students that have exhausted all federal forms of financial aid or are not eligible for federal financial aid may wish to consider private, alternative loans to cover any remaining balance, up to the cost of attendance. There are many lenders that provide private loan products and Central Christian College will not delay or refuse to certify a private loan based on the lender of choice. Central Christian College does provide students with a lender list for suggestion and convenience. Lenders on this list are selected on the following criteria: Borrower Customer Service, Borrower Benefits in Repayment, Diversity, Ease of Disbursement. To view CCCK’s private lender list, please visit:

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