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Dr. David Ferrell Teaching a Class

Selling Experience

Before the end of the fall semester, Dr. David Ferrell (CC ’75) assigned Sales Class students to a selling experience with insurance professionals in McPherson to engage them in the real life situation of having to:

  1. Make a phone call to someone they don’t know,
  2. Set up the appointment,
  3. Arrive on the appointed date and time (early);
  4. Dress appropriately,
  5. Make eye contact, shake hands (no bone crushing handshakes and no fishy handshakes);
  6. Find common ground;
  7. Make small talk;
  8. Give the presentation on the CCCK insurance program;
  9. Show confidence and product knowledge;
  10. Talk clearly and not mumble;
  11. Answer questions thoughtfully and accurately;
  12. Take control of the situation;
    1. Bring the conversation to a close;
    2. Thank them and exit in an appropriate way.

After the presentation, when Dr. Ferrell called the insurance professionals for feedback, every student represented themselves, the department, the College, and their families in very positive ways. Comments included: “She should get an A for her presentation.” “You have some great students at the College.” “I wish I had this opportunity at their age.” “You have a good program there.” “This is an invaluable opportunity for your students.” “Thank you for calling me to participate.” Dr Ferrell stated, “Probably not a single student wanted to complete this activity. They had some fear and uncertainly. One student considered dropping the class because of this assignment. But every student, in the end, was glad for the opportunity to experience this in real life. They now have the confidence that they can make that appointment, they can show up (if appropriately prepared) and execute the presentation, and feel assured that they can do this again.”

Student Kassidy Forsberg loved the experience, saying, “This experience was new and invigorating. It provided me with future skills and competencies that I can use for the rest of my life. It was interesting to promote an insurance course to a professional in the area of insurance. I learned that even when selling to somebody, the client is still just a person with knowledge, feelings, and uniqueness. The second thing I learned is I am not afraid to present information face-to-face with others as much as I used to be. Lastly, I found that following up with the client and readiness are key factors that build business relationships. Overall, I acquired more knowledge about the insurance programs when I had to promote them in my meeting with Todd Whitehill”.

Student Jordan Meier stated, “The experience was very nerve-racking at first. I was afraid that I would mess up my presentation, but once I got in there and started talking to her I immediately calmed down. She was so nice and was interested in what I had to say. This experience was very helpful for me when I get in the career field”.

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