The SAC is one of the hardest conferences in the country and qualifying for post-season is a massive honor. Thankfully, we have been able to have some consistent success as this is our 4th consecutive year to qualify for the conference tournament. However, this year is a little more special as we have done by finishing in the top half of the table with a winning record in conference play. This is a massive achievement and all credit goes back to the players!

While we are excited with the success, we also realize the season has started over. With that mindset, we are excited to face MACU. They are a very talented and well coached team with I believe eight 5th year seniors. Due to their experience and just overall talent, they will present some challenges. However, we have a special group of players that have shown just how good they can be. As we head into the match-up, I believe it will be a very even and competitive match-up. The big thing is just taking one step at a time and in that process not taking anything for granted. If we can do that, something exciting will happen.