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Students Named to Dean’s List

McPherson, Kansas – The Registrar for Central Christian College of Kansas has named 74 students from the School of Arts and Science (SAS) to the Dean’s List for the Spring 24 Term. Among the 74 SPE students, 37 earned the Dean’s Honor Roll (a 3.85 GPA or higher) and 37 received Honorable Mention (a 3.5 – 3.84 GPA).

Dean’s Honor Roll

Arenare, Nicholas
Barrera, Amberly
Calderon, Eduardo
Chaffee, Amaya
Davis, Emma
Di Vincenzo, Riccardo
Farr, Malachi
Frick, Camryn
Gates, Keragan
Gates, Sean
Gomez, Jarin Sean
Grattet, Annlin
Hayward, Avery
Holt, Destiny
Hoxie, Tyler
Huebert-Stauffer, Russet
John, Racquel
Kelsey, Sheyenne
Lynch, Sara
Major, Paige Diane
Metzger, Samuel
Morton, Madison Maritza
Neufeld Noggle, Kolby
Replogle, Sarah
Salmaso, Edoardo
Schleisman, Abby
Schutter, Isabel Buckley
Smith, Baylee
Smith, Jason
Smith, Zoe Monique
Smith-Bolin, Ayla
Suganuma, Miyuju
Tegtmeier, Miranda
Thiessen, Payton
Vaccaro, Ashley
Voss, Kayla Marie
York, Chloe

Honorable Mention

Bell, Olivia Marie
Boese, Simon Henry
Brannan, Devyn
Briggs, Ethan
Brinton, Elijah Lee
Califano, Jackson
Campbell, Eli Christopher
Cherchi, Marco
Curry, Lydia Renee
Dotter, Courtney Sage
Eugene, Dasha Anniqua
Evans, Evelyn
Fiks, Noah David
Fuller, Madison Lee
Garcia, Desirhay
Garrett, Broderick
Gniech, Colton
Griffin, Madalyn
Kelly, Cloey Sunshine
Leitao Leite, Francisco Acacio
Marinez III, Louis
Martinez, Brandon Alexis
Mattison, Amaleigh Teya
McCoy, Bradley Hunter
McDonald, Haylee Marie
NIeto, Santiago Dario
Owens, Kaleb Alexander
Pelosi, Michael Gene
Phillips, Jace Christopher
Powers, Ryan
Robertson, Camoren J
Rodgers, Conner
Sanchez, Thomas
Snow, Donald William Jacob
Wingfield, Colyer Thane
Wood, Kamryn Lynn
Young, Braden Dane


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