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The End of an Era: Dr. Robin Jackson

Central Christian College of Kansas cherishes its faculty. When talking with alumni of CCCK, faculty mentoring students seems to always be at the top of the list when it comes to the “best part” while being a student at CCCK.  Mentoring hundreds of students during her tenure at CCCK, Dr. Robin Jackson is no exception. But at this time, CCCK is saying farewell to its beloved Dr. Robin Jackson.

Dr. Jackson has served 19 years at CCCK. Since she joined the Central family she taught in the fields of Math, Natural Sciences, and Chemistry. She kept Central’s Mission, Christ-Centered Education for Character, close to her heart throughout every semester. Dr. Jackson had the following to say in regard to her departure:

My time at Central Christian College has been a time of community, joy and tears, and so many wonderful friendships with faculty, administrators, staff, and of course students. My exit reminds me of when I was packing up and leaving for college: as if I am moving away from family. In essence, I am moving on and away from family as you are certainly that to me, and most importantly, members of the family of God and my brothers and sisters in Christ. And as with family, I will be in touch and return to visit and help with our common missions and goals and uphold you in my prayers.

Dr. Jackson’s conclusion of her teaching responsibilities at the end of spring 2020, marks the end of an era of excellence and the beginning of a legacy.

Dr. Jackson acted as a cornerstone within Central, a rock upon which educations could be built. Appreciation and gratitude for the service Dr. Jackson has given runs deep within Central’s students, faculty, and staff members. Just as she was an academic mentor, she led many spiritually and kept Christ at the center of her teaching. Her journey within Central began in 2001, and over the course of her 19 years, she taught countless courses, especially various chemistry, earth science, and math courses. President Favara had the following to say in regard to her legacy:

There are simply times when the most appropriate response is to render garments in response to news that genuinely grieves the heart. That is how I felt when I was informed of Dr. Jackson’s intent to retire from CCCK. She has been a rock for this institution – a source of both reason and compassion, mixed in with a rather significant portion of impassioned apologetic – all designed to ensure our focus as an institution. Due in part to her great work, we have remained true to our mission and a myriad of students have grappled with the reality of their Creator and Designer.

In addition to teaching, she also sponsored both the Aviation Club and the Science Club. She served within the Academic Review Committee, the AAAC, the Professional Development Committee, and the Education Committee. She headed the General Education and Natural Science departments as their respective Department Chairs. She was a member of the following groups: Mu Alpha Theta, National Mathematics Honorary Society; National Honor Society; American oil Chemist Society; Association of Official Analytical Chemists; American Chemical Society, and Charter Member of Tri-Beta, Honorary Biological Sciences Society.

Dr. Jacob Kaufman had the following to say on the topic of Dr. Jackson’s departure.

If there is one thing I could say about Robin Jackson is that she is committed 100% to whatever task that was before her: work, relationships, service, etc.  She is deeply committed to serving the Lord and sharing the love of God to those around her.  Words cannot express my deep gratitude to Dr. Jackson for her service her at CCCK as a full-time instructor.  No doubt, she will be missed.  Her impact these last two decades at CCCK brings great thankfulness to the Lord for our institution.  Her commitment to the mission of the College has been remarkable.  I am glad to know that other students will continue to be mentored by Dr. Jackson as she continues to adjunct CCCK and teach at the high school level.

While saying goodbye, Central also celebrates the journey the Lord has given Dr. Jackson within its doors. Dr. Jackson will go forward to Sunrise Christian Academy, teaching high school math. Dr. Jackson will also teach as an adjunct instructor for CCCK starting during the fall 2020 semester. While the Lord leads Dr. Jackson beyond the doors of CCCK, Central wishes Dr. Jackson the best and looks forward to a proper time to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Robin Jackson in the coming future


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