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A Christian Education... a Question of Cost vs. Value

Things to Consider

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For many students, cost is a big factor in determining where they’ll attend school. Christian colleges may cost less than their secular counterparts and provide more extensive scholarship and grant opportunities. Some may be more expensive. Cost really is relative, depending on the types of schools you are looking at. If the cost of CCCK seems a bit high, compared to other colleges you are looking at. consider the following:

The Value of the Education

Some people think that Christian colleges and universities are inferior to the “big name” institutions, but this is a misconception. When you choose a Christian school, you learn from a group of intelligent, knowledgeable professors interested in giving you the best possible experience. As you study your chosen major, you’ll learn more about how each subject aligns with your Christian values. The administrative staff provides additional support and guidance. Meeting other believers from diverse backgrounds expands your worldview and opens your mind to fresh possibilities when it comes to what God can do in your life. Keep in mind Central Christian is accredited by the very same organization that accredits the “big name” institutions.

The Value of Participation

Christian schools, like CCCK, host events many of the same events that you might find at secular universities, but the faith-based focus makes each activity more enriching. There is something unique about engaging in activities like athletics or the arts, but learning how to engage in that activity through a redemptive lens. Attendance at a Christian institution helps put things into context, allowing participation to become an elevated experience as we understand how God speaks in and through us as we participate.

Additionally, institutions like Central Christian are a bit smaller, providing a greater opportunity for involvement. This is true in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

The Value of Relationships

The size of campus means that class sizes at CCCK remain small (personalized), allowing for the potential for more meaningful relationships to be developed, both with fellow students and faculty. Faculty at a Christian school, like CCCK, tend to interpret their employment through a missional lens, demonstrating their care academically, emotionally and spiritually.  The faith-based atmosphere of the institution also means that you’ll meet many peers who are either active in their spiritual pursuits or who are looking to become more active. This provides numerous avenues for fellowship and connection. That does not mean all is perfect on the Christian campus, but the tendency is toward holistic care of the campus community, promoting personal growth.

The Value of Faith Development

In addition to activities like chapel services, community involvement,  Bible studies, prayer, and interactions with other students, CCCK approaches all studies through the lens of Christ. This means Biblical teaching and principles are embedded within academic coursework. Classes incorporate a Christian worldview that demonstrates how God’s work and the principles of Scripture align and can be applied to the subjects you’re studying. By tying the two together, CCCK prepares you not only for vocational success but also helps to develop a wider vision based on a strong foundation in Biblical truth.

Thinking about the Bottom Line

If you would like to have an education that is centered on Christ, then a Christian college like CCCK might be a good choice for you. Yes, depending on where you are looking,  it may cost a bit more, but it can provide a positive educational experience infused with a focus on Christ and the development of Christian Character.

College is a time where you will explore your identity, your personal values, your beliefs, and your life calling. Central Christian can help you as you explore these dimensions.

Furthermore,  colleges like CCCK work hard to promote student success through smaller class sizes, customized academic support services, proactive intervention systems, and individualized degree planning. As a result,  those students who retain tend to graduate in fewer years, significantly narrowing the net cost difference between private not-for-profit colleges and public colleges. In other words, while the annual cost may seem a little higher, compared to state institutions, the fact that you graduate on time means you might end up spending less.

Attending a Christian school, like Central Christian, may not be for everyone. It may even represent a significant investment on your part.  In the end, you will need to weigh the value against the cost to see if it makes sense to you. If it is something you desire, there may be ways to help defray costs. A member of our staff would be happy to review the possibilities.

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