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International Student Admissions Process

As an international student, you must complete your admissions file at least ninety (90) days prior to the beginning of the semester in which you plan to enroll.

(1)  COST - You will need to have a minimum of $36,000.00 (U.S. funds) ready to use for tuition, fees, room, board, and additional expenses for each year at Central Christian College.  Our Declaration and Certification of Finances form will be required for confirmation of these available funds.  No application will be considered without the application fee ($35.00 in U.S. funds) and the Declaration and Certification of Finances form.  Receipt of the $200.00 (U.S. funds) Admissions Deposit and initial payment will be required before an I-20 form will be issued.  Up to $36,000.00 is refundable through September 15 (entrance in the fall) or February 15 (entrance in the spring).

(2)  FINANCIAL AID -All international students who are admitted to Central Christian College will receive a minimum scholarship of $2,500.00, and may be eligible for a higher scholarship or other institutional aid.

(3)  ADMITTANCE REQUIREMENTS - Before your file will be considered for admittance, we must have received the following:

  • Application for Admission.
  • Payment of $35 dollars for the application fee.
  • Declaration & Certification of Finances form. (filled out by you/your parents and a bank official)
    • Your bank account certificate
  • Medical History form and records (online):
    • Up-to-date Immunization Records Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (required)
      • Meningitis (required)
      • Hepatitis B (recommended but not required)
      • TB Questionnaire (tuberculosis)
  • Official TOEFL Score Report if English is not your primary language  
      • *School/DI Code 6088   
      • **These scores based on paper test score range. For conversions, see chart below.
    • If the TOEFL score is 500 or above, the student will be required to complete placement tests to determine placement in the writing program.
    • If the TOEFL score is 470-499, the student will be required to enroll in the ESL program and may only begin in the fall.
    • If the TOEFL score is 370-469, the student will be required to enroll in the ESL program and attend the three week language intensive ESL course, prior to the beginning of the fall semester.
    • If the TOEFL score is less than 369, the student is not eligible for admittance, unless there is an ACT or SAT that can displace the TOEFL
  • Official transcripts from all previous high schools and colleges.
    • For high schools and colleges outside of the United States: Unopened official college/university and high school transcripts must be sent through an online evaluation services such as, or
    • The student will be responsible for the payment of this service.
  • Read and agree to abide by the Community Expectations Covenant.
  • Sign and date the Statement of Understanding.
  • For transfer students only: 
    • Copy of your passport (all pages with your F-1 VISA and stamps)
    • Copy of I-20 from your current school
    • SEVIS I-901 receipt 

**TOEFL Conversions Chart

















 **TOEFL Conversion Chart
Internet  Computer   Paper
3 weeks 
550-677 $7500 No No
61-78 173-210 500-549 $4000 No No
52-60 150-170 470-499 $2500 No Yes
24-51 77-149 370-469 $2500 Yes Yes

In accordance with federal laws and regulations, it is the intent of this college's policy on equal opportunity to comply with Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 Executive Order 11246, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and all related regulations.  Central Christian College does not discriminate against any student or prospective student on the basis of sex, race, handicap, religion or national origin in its educational programs or activities.  A complete notice of non-discrimination is printed on page 7 of the current Central Christian College Catalog.  Any persons having inquiries concerning this may contact:  Dean of Student Services at Central Christian College, (620) 241-0723.


Online Application

Complete the Application for Admission for International Students and submit it electronically. 

Fillable / Printable Application

This is the International Student Application for Admission in PDF format. You can complete it online then print it out or print it out and complete it by hand.  Either way, please mail the application to: 
Office of Admissions, Central Christian College, P.O. Box 1403, McPherson, Kansas 67460 USA

Online Payment

Pay your Application Fee and/or Admissions Deposit online with your credit or debit card.