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The business world is in need of strong Christian men and women who are grounded in their faith, who possess the knowledge and skills needed to advance the mission & vision of the gospel in all industries.

Activate your full potential by gaining a comprehensive understanding of what goes into making an organization more efficient and successful. Central Christian can enable you to build a full spectrum of foundational expertise related to relevant areas like accounting, human resources, marketing, finance, economics, business law, strategic planning, information technology, and professional ethics. By developing your leadership, communication, problem-solving, and reasoning abilities, you’ll be better prepared for opportunities in almost any industry.

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Bachelor’s Admissions:

  • Application
  • High School Completion or GED
  • High School GPA 2.5
  • Test Optional

Master’s Admissions:

  • Graduate Application
  • Three Writing Samples
  • The Business Division has nine bachelors programs and one masters program.
  • Classes are available online and on campus.
  • Online courses are six weeks in length while residential courses are 15 week semesters.
  • The time it takes to complete the program is dependent on the number of transfer credits awarded upon enrollment.
  • Collaborate with those from diverse cultures and differing worldviews as an effective member of a team.
  • Structure business practices to ascertain industry opportunities while exercising social responsibility at the local, national, and global levels.
  • Justify the responsibility that a business has to all stakeholders and engage society as ethical and productive citizens.
  • Integrate ethical reasoning and worldview to decision making and business practices.
  • Evaluate business-related theories in practices from an evangelical Christian perspective.
  • Articulate and defend the role of Christian character in personal and professional dealings.
  • Evaluate knowledge in business, management, and accounting principles while developing unique and creative solutions to business-related challenges and operations.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills while conducting appropriate research.
  • Summarize the contributions of business and economics historically and within contemporary culture.
  • Express thoughts, ideas, and findings effectively, utilizing multiple mediums of communication.
  • Facilitate the effective use of organizational resources, i.e. human, physical, and financial, while practicing appropriate Biblical stewardship.
  • Practice appropriate professional appearance and behavior as a professional identity is developed.
  • Foundational: 15 Credit Hours
  • Liberal Arts: 28 Credit Hours
  • Elective Hours: 14 Credit Hours
  • Business Core: 36 Credit Hours
  • Major Core: 27 Credits
Sigma Beta Delta

Students in the Business Department have the opportunity to join the lifetime society of Sigma Beta Delta (SBD). As one of the leading prestigious business honor societies, their focus is on wisdom, honor, and aspirations.

Membership in Central’s chapter of SBD is reserved for the most distinguished of the department’s students. Established in 2016, the chapter inducts 2-5 students each spring.

Start your journey to this organization today!

Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda

Central Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda (FBLA-PBL) has provided opportunities for service, internships, and competing on a state and national level for over 55 years. Central FBLA-PBL bridges the gap between the classroom and students’ careers. With over 1.8 million students graduating with a business degree each year, distinguishing yourself is a vital piece of your education. Central FBLA-PBL exists to provide you with that opportunity.

Each year, the chapter travels to the State and National conferences, where students compete in over 60 different events ranging from accounting to insurance, from finance to social media management. Central FBLA-PBL has continued to build a winning program that is unmatched in Central’s history, the chapter has brought home over 276 state and national awards in the last 5 years.


According to O*Net, the nation’s primary source of occupational information, accounting has a Bright Outlook designation, suggesting that careers associated with accounting should see a period of rapid growth over the next few years. Start your journey today – Tell Me More!

For More information on the Accounting Major check out the Accounting page!

Business Core (36 Credits)

BS-AC 220 Financial Accounting (3)
BS-AC 221 Managerial Accounting (3)
BS-CP 235 Computer Application in Business (3)
BS-EC 260 Microeconomics (3)
BS-EC 261 Macroeconomics (3)
BS-MG 311 Advanced Professional Communication (3)
BS-MG 351 Principles of Management (3)
BS-MG 352 Principles of Marketing (3)
BS-MG 353 Principles of Finance (3)
BS-MG 357 Business Law (3)
BS-MG 363 Professional Ethics (3)
BS-MG 451 Strategic Management (3)

Accounting Core (27 Credits)

BS-MG 209 Statistics (3)
BS-AC 316 Individual Income Tax (3)
BS-AC 320 Intermediate Accounting I (3)
BS-AC 321 Intermediate Accounting II (3)
BS-AC 322 Cost Accounting (3)
BS-AC 323 Computerized Accounting (3)
BS-AC 437 (MC) Principles of Auditing (3)
Upper Level Business Elective (3)
Upper Level Business Elective (3)

Want to be your own boss? Want to set your own schedule? Starting your own business could be the way to go! At Central, we can help you learn the skills you and your business will need to be successful! Your degree will be the first investment in your future business.

Studying management will introduce you to all of the important foundational business principles that you will need to thrive in your career in whatever industry you decide to make your own.

Do you love thinking creatively and strategically? Marketing may be right for you, it is where strategy, analytics, and creativity combine to create one of the largest industries in the world. At Central you can learn how to combine them to be successful in this ever growing and developing industry.

Interested in what makes organizations successful and how you can increase efficiency and effectiveness of the companies you will work for? This could be the major for you! You get all of the benefits of a traditional business degree while infusing the program with additional psychology courses to understand the importance of human interactions and how it influences the organization. You can also study Organizational Leadership 100% online!

Interested in joining one of the largest industries in the country that is also facing a mass need in new employees? The insurance industry could be the place for you! At Central you can learn your Bachelors degree and your Associates in General Insurance through the Institutes as a part of your degree program!

Our strategic leadership program covers a comprehensive variety of subject areas that are relevant to becoming a manager, administrator, or improving your skills in your current role. You’ll learn about industry-leading leadership development tools. Our program is designed to help you gain problem-solving and strategic planning skills, as well as the leadership qualities unique to your industry. Learn More.


When considering potential career paths, a degree from Central Christian College’s Business Administration program can provide robust opportunities. This diverse field of study can be the first step in carving out your niche, from managing a healthcare setting to being a financial analyst for a bank. Before you jump into your college degree, consider some of the ways that it will change your life and future prospects for the better.

Although having a bachelors in healthcare administration is not an absolute necessity to work in the exciting field of healthcare, it can provide you with a flexible and practical way to achieve an online bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration that will qualify you for better jobs that are often higher paying, more interesting, as well as providing greater growth potential.

Our online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program goes the extra mile to offer the personal flexibility that you need to grow in your healthcare career. You can transfer previous college credits and apply them toward your online healthcare administration degree, which helps you to earn your bachelors in healthcare administration faster.

You can study Health Care Administration 100% online!

Interested in what makes organizations successful and how you can increase efficiency and effectiveness of the companies you will work for? This could be the major for you! You get all of the benefits of a traditional business degree while infusing the program with additional psychology courses to understand the importance of human interactions and how it influences the organization. You can also study Organizational Leadership 100% online!


What do you mean by character?

Great question! The simple answer is that we define character in four segments, heart, mind, soul, strength and the 8 character traits as listed below.

  • HEART- We believe that graduates should demonstrate civic and moral leadership, in order “to do good; seek justice, and correct oppression.”
    • Collaboration
    • Virtue
  • SOULS-We believe graduates should demonstrate an appreciation for the Lordship of Christ, “not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.”
    • Devotion
    • Self-Awareness
  • MIND-We believe graduates should demonstrate reasoned and productive lifestyles, filled with the “Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge, and with all kinds of skills.”
    • Discernment
    • Entrepreneurship
  • STRENGTH- We believe graduates should demonstrate dispositional strength and behavioral readiness, so that they “never tire of doing what is good”.
    • Resiliency
    • Responsiveness

How would a business degree help me?

Every industry in the world is looking  for capable, strong, leaders of character. At Central that is our focus helping and equipping you to be the leader you were made to be. Studying business will empower you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in almost any industry you want!

How long will it take?

Masters students can finish in as little as 18 months. Each class is six weeks and the program consists of 12 courses so that equals one and a half years. Imagine in a little over a year you could have already earned your masters degree!

Bachelors students can finish in 3.5 years even less if you have other college or dual credit classes.

Do you offer financial aid?

We do! Our financial aid office can help you get your federal financial aid and loans figured out.

Can I get a Bachelors of Science in Business by studying online?

How do I apply?

For the Associate and Bachelor programs is to go to the Application.

The first step for masters students is to fill out the request more information form and our admissions team will walk you through the admissions process.


Heath Whitehouse

Chair of the Business Department

Enrique Barreiro

Strategic Leadership Program Director


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