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McPherson, Kansas – The Teacher Education Department at Central Christian College ..

McPherson, Kansas - The Central Christian College Teacher Education Department has been ..

McPherson, KS - In 1891, a PE instructor and Christian chaplain at Springfield College (..

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Christian Education Grant
 For students who graduated from a Christian high school or home school. Award is $1,000 each year.

Church Matching Grant
Central Christian College will match up to $500 received from a student's church (e.g. church scholarship of $500 + Central Church matching Grant of $500 = $1,000).  A Church matching Grant form must be on file within the first month of the semester for matching consideration.

Early Bird Grant
For high school students who submit a completed application, official transcripts, official ACT/SAT scores, and deposit by the end of November in their senior year.

Athletic Grant
These scholarships are available for each varsity sport. Students apply through the coach of their sport. We do not offer full tuition athletic scholarships.

Alumni Grant
For dependent students of Central Christian College alumni. Award of $1,000 each year.

Sibling Grant
For siblings who both attend Central Christian at the same time. Award of $1,500 to each sibling each year that both are enrolled.

Airfare Reimbursement Grant
Upon enrollment, Central Christian College will offset the cost of an airline ticket you used to visit campus with a grant.  Eligible recipients must fly from a location outside a 400 mile radius of McPherson KS and submit a receipt to verify ticket purchase. One-time grant up to $500.

Talent Grant
(Contemporary Christian Music, Traditional Music, Drama, and PBL)
Students apply by audition, interview, or exam arranged through the Admissions Office and appropriate academic department. Awards range depending on program and experience. Participation is required for all recipients.    

Minister's Dependent Grant
For unmarried, dependent children of ministers or missionaries regardless of denomination who are in active service, retired, or deceased. A verification form must be filed with the Financial Aid Office. Award of $1000 per year. Recipients must file a FAFSA and have an EFC of $11,000 or less. 

Multicultural Leadership Grant
For U.S. citizen minority students who have previously held one or more leadership positions and commit to actively participate in any multicultural student organization currently active on campus. Only two awards are available for $3,000 each.  Application deadline: March 1; available through the Admissions Office

Early Bird Grant
For high school students who submit a completed application to Central Christian during their junior year and are admitted by the end of November of their senior year. Awarded $1,000 for freshman year.

Preview Grant
For high school students who participate in one of our on campus preview weekends. Students must submit an admissions deposit within 30 days after attending a preview weekend. An admission deposit may be refunded until June 1, 2017.  $1000 one-time award