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Central Online Overviews the Job of a Mental Health Technician

Students pursuing an online Bachelor of Science – Health & Human Services degree with Central Christian College of Kansas are ready to pursue a career devoted to the care of others. One of the popular fields that graduates of the online human services degree choose to pursue is that of mental health technician. What does it take to achieve such a role? This article looks at the role of mental health technicians and the requirements to enter the field.

The Role and Duties of A Mental Health Technician

Those working in the role of mental health technician, also known as psychiatric technician or aide, serve as an essential resource for emotionally disturbed, developmentally disabled, or mentally ill patients.

Working in hospitals as well as other psychiatric or mental health facilities alongside mental health professionals, mental health technicians support the care plans prescribed by these professionals by coordinating care and providing consistency in terms of monitoring care.

One of the most important roles that a mental health technician plays is in the observations and oversight of patients’ individual needs. This means that those who pursue such a human services job must be prepared for a fast-paced working environment in which extensive time is spent developing relationships and building a sense of security and reliability for patients.

Job Prospects

Among the various human services degree jobs, mental health technicians are enjoying a thriving market. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (USBLS), the mean annual wage for a mental health technician was $37,760 in 2018. Those working in Psychiatric or  Substance Abuse Hospitals earned an average of $40,420 annually, and those working in a state run facility earned an average of $47,800 annually.

In addition, the USBLS reports that mental health technicians are projected to see a six percent growth in available jobs between 2016 and 2026, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations.

This means the addition of approximately 8,000 jobs within that time, which reflects the fact that the ever-increasing elderly population – which typically experiences mental and cognitive illnesses at higher rates than younger generations – will need a consistent supply of talented and dedicated professionals in the mental health technician field.

Academic Preparation

While mental health technicians are not required to achieve formal licensure for work in their field, it is essential that those who wish to specialize in the profession have the appropriate training.

Completing an online human services degree makes for a fantastic foundation as it will develop those skills crucial for success in the field. Beyond the fostering of knowledge in disciplines such as biology and psychology, a bachelor’s of science in human services can help students develop observational skills, which are integral in that mental health technicians must have the ability to sense unusual behaviors or actions in their patients.

Those who do wish to achieve an advanced credential in the field can choose to accomplish the designation of a Certified Mental Health Technician (CMHT). This certification involves the successful completion of an exam that gauges your mastery of the field’s main concepts including psychological development, law and ethics, and proper procedure.

The CCCK Cutting Edge

Completing an online human services degree with Central Christian College of Kansas means that students can simultaneously cultivate both their academic acumen and their interpersonal skills, which are equally important to those successful in the field of mental health technicians.

Compassion and care serve as the foundational elements, as it is essential that those who pursue roles as mental health technicians do so with the motivation to care for others and to build a professional relationship with them.

Central Christian College of Kansas aims to foster that sense of rapport and care not only in the curriculum of the online human services degree program but also in the overarching Christian-centered mission of the college.

Those who enroll in Central Christian College of Kansas’ online human services degree program enter a vibrant academic community underpinned by a moral and ethical commitment to make the world a better place. Pursuing a career as a mental health technician is a marvelous way to do so, and it can begin with the online human services degree.


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