general Education course List

General Education Courses

Art Appreciation (2)
College Algebra (3)
Contemporary Culture & Worldviews (3)
Earth Science
English Composition I (3)
English Composition II (3)
Fitness and Wellness (2)
Freshman Seminar  (1)
General Biology
General Psychology
Marriage and Family (3)
Music Appreciation (2)
P. E. Activity or Sport (1)
Principles of Speech (3)
US History I or US History II (3)
World Geography (3)

Chritian Worldview: 9-14 Credit Hours
One course per year of residency from the Philosophy/Religion department will be required.

Choose 2 courses from this list: 5-6 Credit Hours

Contemporary Culture & Worldviews (3)
History of Christianity

Introduction to Biblical Literature

Introduction to the New Testament
Introduction to the Old Testament

Choose 1 course from this list: 2-4 Credit Hours

Apocalyptic Literature
Biblical Covenant Literature
Old Testament Prophets
Wisdom Literature

Choose 1 course from this list: 2-4 Credit Hours

General Epistles


Pauline Epistles