Liberal Studies

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To Complete the Liberal Studies major, a student will select 2 academic areas from the following concentrations; the other 5 will then be "support areas."

General Education Courses: 45-50 Credit Hours

General Education Course List

Concentration #1: 20-22 Credit Hours
Concentration #2: 20-22 Credit Hours
Support Areas: 10-15 Credit Hours
(one course of at least 2 hours from each of the 5 academic areas not chosen as a concentration)
Skill Development Electives: Minimum of 8 Credit Hours

Available Concentrations:
Courses taken to meet the General Education requirements and the Christian Worldview requirements for the B.S. degree may not also be used to satisfy course requirements for the major in Liberal Studies. The following departmental offerings are available to meet the Concentration requirements for the Liberal Studies Major:

(Art, Music, Drama, Literature)
Science & Mathematics
(Health Careers, General Forensic Natural Science, Biology Sciences/Environmental Sciences, Aviation/Science, Math/Science)
Social Sciences
(Psychology/Sociology, History, History/Political Science, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, Family Studies/Focus on the Family, Political Science, Family Studies/Christian Center for Urban Studies)
Philosophy & Religion
(Practical Ministry, Biblical Literature, Children's Ministry, Worship Arts, Family Ministry, Missions)
(Communications, Journalism, English, Speech/Theatre)
(Business, Management, Small Business Management, Accounting, Computer Applications)
Sport Science & Health (P.E.)
(Exercise Science, Sport Management, Recreation, Sports/Coaching, Sports Science & Health)