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In order to begin the registration process for Summer 2011 Courses you must first pay online for the
tuition ($250 per credit hour) and one time $200 deposit.

Course Number Course Title Facilitator
SS-PO 201 American Government (3) Dr. Ron Allen
NS-MA 104-G P)College Algebra (3) Mrs. Robin Jackson
MT-PH 364 P)Contemporary Culture & Worldview (3) Mr. Jacob Kaufman
NS-BI 100-G Environmental Science (3 + 1) Mr. Michael Craig
SP-SH 100-G Fitness & Wellness (3) Mrs. Jessica Gillette
SS-PY 110-G General Psychology (3) Dr. Lenny Favara
ED-CC 265 P)Instructional Media & Technology (3) Mrs. Carol Nelson
EN-LT 225-G P)Literature & Film (3) Ms. Candi Alexander
MU-MS 105-G Music Appreciation (3) Mr. Ryan Mackey
BS-MG 360 Personal Finance (3) Mr. Heath Whitehouse
P) = Course prerequisite  

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