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2022 Jerry Malone Social Science Award

Evangelista gets awardThe Following is the Criteria to Receive the Jerry Malone Social Science Award

Mr. Jerry Malone was employed at Central Christian College for 38 years, beginning in 1970 and resigning in 2008.  He spent 23 of those years as a full-time professor, teaching with excellence in the social sciences.  It is because of his commitment to Christ and to CCC that we have named this award in his honor. Each year, the Social Science Department selects an individual to receive the honor of being named the Jerry Malone Social Science Student of the Year. This Individual is chosen by the faculty of the Social Science Department based on the following criteria:

  • Academically Competent
  • The candidate is a senior who at the time of candidacy has a 3.5 GPA and is on schedule to graduate. The candidate must currently have declared a major in Social Science or Psychology.
  • Socially Responsible
  • The candidate has actively participated in school and community related opportunities (e.g. clubs, choir, lectures, etc.)
  • Professionally Astute
  • The candidate possesses traits which hold promise for leadership and/or significant contributions in life and service.
  • Service oriented
  • The candidate has demonstrated a willingness to assist others and the community through active participation in civic, social, or religious service.
  • Spiritually Mature
  • The candidate demonstrates a lifestyle consistent with Central Christian College’s Community Expectations Covenant and Statement of Faith.

Mr. Jerry Malone was employed at Central Christian College for 38 years.  He began in 1970 as an admissions counselor, and later became Director of Admissions.  In 1976 he began a 23 year tenure of teaching in the social sciences, and undertook graduate work in psychology.  Finally, in 1998, he accepted the cabinet level position of Dean of Student Life, resigning in 2008 to work as a field representative for National Christian College Athletic Association.  He was, above all, a principled Christian man who invested his life according to integrated priorities.  It is because of his commitment to Christ and to CCC that we have named this award in his honor.

The Following is the Speech Presented by Division Chair Mr. Steven Smith

The Jerry Malone Social Science Student of the Year Award was established in honor of Dr. Jerry Malone, who invested 38 years of his life in the integrated service of Jesus Christ and Central Christian College. The Social Science Department Faculty and Human Services Chair, based upon the following five criteria, have chosen this year’s Award recipient: Kimberlie Evangelista.

  • Kimberlie has proven herself Academically Competent, as evidenced by her high level of scholarship in the completion of her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.
  • Kimberlie has proven herself Socially Responsible, as evidenced by her active involvement on campus with theater and musical performances, as well as interaction within a number of other activities at Central.
  • Kimberlie has proven herself Professionally Astute, as evidenced by her commitment to engagement with leadership roles as an opportunity to serve God and serve others. Throughout her time at Central, she has served as a Resident Advisor, as well as taken leadership responsibilities with the Women’s Wrestling program and Cheerleading.
  • Kimberlie has proven herself Service-oriented, as evidenced by her willingness, along with her husband, Felipe, to serve in the role of Host Parents for two International High School students.
  • Kimberlie has proven herself Spiritually Mature, as evidenced by the passion she has for her faith in Jesus Christ and her desire to help others to grow in their Christ-centered faith. She has exercised her faith in the witness of her lifestyle both on and off campus.

Steven Smith
Human Services Division Chair


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