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2022 Outstanding Science & Math Student Award

Harper gets awardThe Following is the Criteria to Receive the Outstanding Science & Math Student Award

Recipients are chosen by the Natural Science/Math department faculty based on the following criteria:

  1. Must have a major or concentration in Natural Science or Math
  2. Must be a graduating Senior
  3. Must have a 3.2 cumulative GPA
  4. It is expected that the recipient will also exhibit Christian commitment and leadership.

The Following is the Speech Presented by Division Chair Mr. Mike Craig

To ensure objectivity and to help us narrow our selection to one person, we use a mathematical formula that takes into account additional factors such as science/math GPA, involvement in Science Club, and character. Congratulations to this year’s recipient Allison Harper.

Allison has met all of the requirements of the award. She has maintained a high cumulative, as well as science/math GPA while completing a Natural Science major in Health Science in preparation for a career in veterinary medicine. Allison was also honored by being inducted as a lifetime member into the Iota Alpha Iota chapter of Beta Beta Beta – a national biological honor society founded in 1922. All of this while playing soccer for CCC. This is particularly noteworthy when you consider the hours spent in soccer practices, games, and travel, AND approximately 300-400 hours in science labs during her tenure here.

I could say many things about Allison – like her strong work ethic, excellent time management skills, resiliency through hardship, and pleasant demeanor, – but let me highlight Allison’s leadership because if you aren’t paying attention you may miss it. Allison is a rare type of leader. She is not a self-promoter. She is a sacrificial leader. She uses her leadership skills to enable others to shine without concern for personal acclaim. This was evident on the soccer field where she played center back and was captain for the past two seasons. It was evident as she served as Science Club/Tri-Beta president this year, making certain things were set up just right for the new Tri-Beta inductees.  It is even evident as you watch her interaction with others. Typically, she is the one who asks questions of others, and listens, rather than champing at the bit to share her perspective or exploits.

I tell you these things because you likely won’t hear them from Allison. In fact she is an apt example of Proverbs 27:2: Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips.

Well done, Allison. It has been a privilege working with you. May God richly bless your future.

Mike Craig
Natural Science Instructor


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