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2022 Wall Street Journal Senior Business Award

Whiteside gets awardThe Following is the Criteria to Receive the Wall Street Journal Senior Business Award

To receive this award, a student must match these criteria: which are a

  • High-grade point average
  • Involvement in the department’s business club & Honor Society
  • Participation in campus/community leadership opportunities
  • Demonstration of potential for leadership & success in a business field

The Following is the Speech Presented by Division Chair Mr. Heath Whitehouse

I want to touch briefly on some of her accomplishments. Specifically on her participation on and off-campus in different leadership opportunities and ventures.

  • Marketing major with a high GPA,
  • Dean’s Honor Roll multiple semesters,
  • Soccer 4 years – captain/team leader senior year, NCCAA All-Regional 2nd team, 3x National Tournament participant,
  • Multiple PBL State and National award winner with the first ever in school history 1st place national finish in the Integrated Marketing Campaign team,
  • Redesigning Brand and Brand name for We Wash Company,
  • Multiple other marketing internships integrating CRM control systems for better performance,
  • Teacher Aid for one of the most challenging professors on campus,
  • PBL Business Club officer,
  • Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society inductee,
  • Graduate a semester early

We expect many great things for her in the future. A scripture that describes her is Proverbs 24: 15-16, “Lie not in wait as a wicked man against the dwelling of the righteous; do no violence to his home; for the righteous falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity.” Lisette is a tenacious leader in everything she does, and even in her falls and failures, she strives for excellence and fights for her team. Finally, Ms. Whiteside is a student who is driven, self-motivated, reliable, dependable, and capable of anything she puts her mind and heart into pursuing. She is passionate about Jesus and helping others. She will be missed in the department, but we are excited to unleash her onto the world, though we will be keeping her here for a time in the admissions department.

We pray and know you will reach the goals!

Lisette’s name is already engraved on the perpetual plaque hanging in the Business Department honor hall. Our department wishes you the very best for a bright and prosperous future in business. Congratulations!

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