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Alumni Update from Mary Fullmer

The following words from a gracious donor and alumni parent, Mary Fullmer, in correspondence with Dr. David Ferrell reaffirms that Central exists to affect students’ lives for God’s Kingdom.

I want to share some thoughts on how the friendship and partnership with CCCK has touched me personally, and our family as well. My husband, Ed, and I moved to Omaha, NE over 65 years ago and were welcomed to the Free Methodist Church and Central Christian College (formerly Central College) soon after. Through the years both places and the loyal friendship of so many dear people provided a safe place for two young people and a growing family. Ed and I can count 70 years of marriage with 5 children and spouses, adding 14 grandchildren and two step-grandchildren. If I counted correctly, there are now 20 great-grandchildren under 12 years old included in our family.

I am so blessed to know without a doubt that the FM Church and CCCK opened future doors for Ed and me, and our family. The Lord leads in mysterious ways. There is no need to share the ways he has directed our children to be obedient, other than they are all in service of reaching out to others. To name and thank all who had a part would be endless, but I want to mention Mr. and Mrs. John Ferrell. I value Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell’s influence with our kids. We were able to fellowship with them at camps and retreats, but more than that, I felt confident they had our children’s best interest at heart. That confidence was an arm of trust to let our kids step out and dream dreams for themselves with God’s protective care. So often it is only a few loyal people that are standing by to do His work, unaware.

Our son, Kurt (AC 1977), valued the courses he took at CCCK. He completed his undergraduate studies at Seattle Pacific University. He then completed the Physician’s Assistant program at the Medical Center in Omaha.

Julie (AC 1986) was at Central one and a half years and went on to finish in Greenville, IL. She completed her teaching degree at the University of Nebraska – Omaha, did some teaching, and then homeschooled her three boys until they were in junior high school. Since that time her interests have grown to include women’s health and well-being and have completed her midwifery studies. She was invited to speak to a class of women at Creighton University recently by one of her clients who is head of women’s studies at Creighton University.

Our youngest son, Tim (AC 1994), needed only three English credits to complete his degree at Central. Mrs. Millie Samuelson taught him one-on-one during interterm while Ed and I went to the Dominican Republic for a work project.

With the ten years of Ed’s slow decline, I now feel the loss, but do not feel alone, I have seen over and over how a word has power. Those young and old told of what a celebration Ed’s passing testified too. Without a church or a pastor and so few of our old friends still with us, a new group are gleaning from Ed’s faithfulness during his decline. He quoted scripture to his last breath in such a calm spirit. We will continue to rejoice in the memory of his presence.

As a last note, when I told the children their Dad had again invested in education for others at CCCK they all voiced their approval.


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