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Art Show Goes Virtual

Due to COVID-19 and classes moving online, we were unable to host our spring 2020 art show this year at the college. Art Professor, Amy Goering, collected images and photographed as much of her students’ work as possible. Many of these pieces were completed by students experimenting in their first CCCK art class. Professor Goering had this to say about the students’ work:

I’m proud of each of these students! In order to honor their hard work, I collaborated with other professional artists to select students worthy of special recognition. I am exceptionally pleased to honor Evangelyn Byall with the Graduating Artist Award! Other students to highlight are Karlee Adams, Ethan Craig, Alyssa Emery, Goldie Bougher, and Kyla Hughes. Each student will be receiving a gift award in the mail. Let these students know you are proud of them.

Please enjoy this virtual art show, highlighting students’ work from the 2019-2020 school year!


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