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Central Christian College makes on-campus jobs available to students. Our experience shows that a student can earn up to $1,600 during the 9-month school year by working 6-7 hours per week. Students receive the federal minimum wage. Funds will be disbursed only in relation to hours worked, every four weeks. Applications for campus employment and the work study program will be sent to students before school begins.


If you would like to post a position, fill out the attached form by clicking on the "Post My Job" button:  

An off-campus employment service is maintained by the College. Off-campus jobs usually require three hours daily in a single block of time. Obviously, the decision to seek such employment should be weighed carefully for its effect on a student's academic achievement and activity involvement.

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Administrative Assistant Other
AXA Advisor Other
Camp War Eagle Positions Summer
Denver Fellows Positions Other
Document Processor Other
Economic Development Director Other
Financial Services Position Other
High School Math Teacher Education
MSA Computer and Technical Services Internship Internships
ROOSTERGNN Global News Network Internships Internships
Summer Camp Counselor Summer
Summer Camp Counselor at Ramapo for Children Summer
Upside Down Productions Casting Ministry
Volunteer Coordinator at International Disaster Emergency Service Ministry
YMCA of the Rockies Various Positions Ministry